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Our goal and what sets us apart here at DEL.FIT is our holistic approach to each members health and fitness journey and our emphasis on functional movement and core stability. With our spacious clinic and fully outfitted fitness facility our fitness and rehabilitation specialists can work together under one roof to ensure a thorough, convenient, and smooth interaction for all members! When it comes to injury and the rehabilitation side of things we believe that a holistic approach must involve a comprehensive assessment that both identifies and treats the underlying problem directly- We don't just treat your symptoms! We are trained in the newest treatment techniques and won't settle for anything less than returning our clients back to the activities they were doing before the injury or getting them to the activities they wanted to do in the future!

 We wanted to provide an environment where members can feel comfortable, as if they were at home. We have a lounge with a complimentary coffee and snack bar, along with towel service so our members can relax and not have to worry about that long drive thru line up in the morning or having a wet towel in their gym bag all day! You won't ever walk through our doors without being greeted with a smile! 

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