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Returning to the Gym following the Pandemic

Now that businesses are opening back up, your local gym or recreational facility will hopefully open their doors to you in near future. Of course, no one knows what that will exactly look like yet, but there are some important things to consider when you do shift your at home workouts back into the gym. 

When gyms do in fact open, make sure you keep in mind how long you have been away from the iron, in order to avoid overexertion and injury. Do your best and be honest with yourself. If fitness levels are lower than what they were, thatís completely fine, just remember that you donít have to try and make up for lost time all in one workout. The best way to get back into the swing of things is through a more conservative approach. No matter what fitness level you had achieved before all of this, it is important to start slow. Shift to full body workouts a couple times a week for the first week or two, then add intensity if you found that those workouts werenít hard enough. 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when your gym opens is to assume you can pick up where you left off. Instead, use this as a fresh start to work on the foundations of exercise to improve your technique. Get in the habit of working on your weaknesses and donít neglect your mobility work. Instilling these habits as you work towards your new gym routine, will end up helping you reach your goals quicker than you may think. 

Also remember to wash your hands, wipe down equipment and be mindful of those around you in these uncertain times.

If you have any questions on where to start, we would love to lead you in the right direction.

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