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Move with Mama's Postpartum Strength Classes w/ Coach Mary! 

Move with Mamas is a postpartum strength & wellness series of classes that incorporate core and pelvic floor healing techniques with full-body strength, conditioning, and mobility exercises. Each 45 minute class will be structured to include a segment of each, to create the perfect harmony of movement that will support your lifelong journey as a mom. While foundational movement will be the basis of every session, we will always encourage and celebrate every single point of your journey. We will provide modifications and progressions to ensure that we are meeting you at YOUR level and are celebrating you where you are (whether you’ve never worked out before, were previously an avid weight-lighter, or anywhere in between).

This is for you whether you are a new first-time mom who’s world has been rocked by motherhood (hi, that’s me) OR a mom of multiples who wants to prioritize herself a little more this time around. For the moms who are ready to finally take control of how they feel again, and are craving an approach to health & fitness that is tailored to them and their unique needs. Even more importantly, for the mama who doesn’t have easy access to childcare but is craving working out with a group of women who understand her most. This class is entirely inclusive of your little ones, and we will even offer ways to get them involved if you desire. I mean, how COOL will it be for your baby to grow up seeing the world of health & wellness through the lens of their strong, self-loving MAMA!? 

So, please come as you are. Mom-life is hard as is, but this will be your easy. The safe space you come to with one goal…to simply show up. We don’t care if you are still in your pyjama bottoms, with that 3-day old spit-up stain. We don’t mind the sound of your baby coo-ing or crying (I will also NEVER hesitate helping with your little one, so you can enjoy your workout). Just know one thing.. no matter where you are in your postpartum fitness journey… we will meet you there because we truly believe that you belong here.


    • Tuesdays & Fridays, @ 1:15pm-2:00pm
    • Classes will be ongoing, but will run in 4-week increments
    • Two options available: 4 sessions (1x per week) or 8 sessions (2x per week) across a 4-week period


    • Postpartum mamas, with OR without your baby!
    • Must be 6+ weeks postpartum and cleared for exercise by your healthcare provider

Classes will be roughly 45 minutes in length, but we will allot a 1-hour time slot as life with a baby can be unpredictable! We do ask that you arrive 5 minutes early to get settled in and ready for class. A typical 45 minute class includes: breath work and mobility, core and pelvic floor exercises, upper and lower body strength training, full body conditioning, and a cool-down/stretch.

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