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    "I was out for a walk last summer and saw the sign for DEL.FIT. I came home and checked them out on Facebook. It looked like exactly what I was looking for. I came in to see Krista for information and I absolutely LOVE it here. She is hands on, and very knowledgeable as are the rest of the staff. It is like home for me. I feel comfortable and if I have any issues someone can help me. I have toned up and lost weight and I will always recommend this facility to anyone who is looking for a personal, comfortable program to follow. I don't enjoy the big gyms at all. I will be coming here forever!"

    Norma McKnight

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    "My wife and I have been seeing Krista at DEL.FIT for over two years now. My wife met her at a wedding show and instantly hit it off and knew she wanted to start sessions with Krista. Krista is a top-notch trainer and person. She is motivated to find programs that work for her clients. DEL.FIT as a facility is also fantastic. It is always a clean and welcoming environment. All of the trainers are friendly and make you feel comfortable. I have also been seeing Jess for Athletic Therapy. After years of shoulder pain and seeing other professionals, she was able to treat the cause of the situation and alleviate the pain and numbness to keep me moving. DEL.FIT is a first rate facility with professional staff."

    Tyler Lalonde

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    "DEL.FIT is an awesome gym with all the tools and equipment that you'd ever need. Krista is incredibly knowledgeable in her field, and has learned from some of the best in the industry. The facility is always clean, and has a great atmosphere. Puppy time with Brooks is also a huge bonus! Whether you are just starting your journey to better health, or looking for that next level, I would definitely check them out!"

    David Emond

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    "A great boutique gym that is clean and has an amazing atmosphere. I see both Jess the athletic therapist and Krista as a trainer, who are both knowledgable and work together to make sure I am at my best!"

    Ashley Harrison

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    "Such a fun atmosphere :)"

    Kate B.

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    "Krista and her team at DEL.FIT are able to work with injuries and provide you with programs that give time for your injury to heal and strengthen afterwards. I personally have a bad right knee - previously a torn ACL and meniscus, and recently I dislocated it. I told Krista about my dislocation on a Monday morning, and our sessions are held on Thursdays. By the time Thursday came around, Krista had already created a new program that allowed me to continue going to the gym 5 days a week, but focused on different areas allowing my knee to heal."

    Bryan Lavallee

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    "Did a run clinic with the Krista and Jessica that was great! They both really know their stuff, learnt a lot, they covered more than you'd think and had fun! I heard about DEL.FIT though a friend that's been doing personal training with Krista, I've seen great results. Great atmosphere, super clean and knowledgeable!"

    Sabrina Tata

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    "The bootcamp classes are fantastic! The instructors focus on correct form and are happy to modify any exercise to suit your fitness level. The best part...they play rock and roll music!!"

    Kim Hickling

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    "Krista is amazing and has made me feel so comfortable with working out! Could not imagine going anywhere else for training! Have seen such a difference in myself!!!"

    Lauren Hudson

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    "Krista is amazing. She takes the time to discover what you want to achieve and then customizing a program for you. Each day is different which keeps it interesting and challenging. A supportive and private environment. Love the one on one attention!"

    Anne Cleverely

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    "This is an awesome facility. The equipment is all very well maintained and a perfect variety of training options! The Trainers are great and make sure you are working hard!"

    Trevor H

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    "My name is Bryan, I am 22 years old and two years ago I made the decision that I needed help on my journey to good health, that is where I met Krista. On the very first day I remember Krista asking what my goal was and I just replied, “Healthy”. From that day onward, Krista has done everything in her ability to get me there. She has helped in every regard, writing programs so working out never gets stale, nutrition plans, cardio training, tips and more. When I first started, my weight was 335 pounds, a 39.6% BMI and I could barely bench 95 pounds. I was obviously discouraged and embarrassed, but Krista just reaffirmed that in time, these measurements and my strength will progress in the correct direction. Since that day my program has been based on strength training, with mild cardio and a focus on diet control and I am happy to say that Krista was correct! I am down over 50lbs and have officially reached the 1000lb club!"

    Byran Lavallee

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    "Beautiful gym. Nice layout. Great line of equipment! Support our local business’s. I met Krista (owner) today & signed up. This is not your typical $1/day fitness facility. Visit DEL.FIT if you are looking for somewhere a step up above the rest. A reliable location. No contracts. No hidden fees. Stop in and check it out. Remember you get what you pay for!"

    Jill Marsh-Schwekendiek

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    "I have trained with Krista for almost 2 years now and I am thrilled to be at "her" new gym DEL.FIT. It is clean, inviting, warm and full of equipment with her guidance that help you reach your fitness goals. Just read an article in the Toronto Star titled" Growing fit with aging in mind". Krista has helped me at 70 keep strong and reminds me that no matter what your age. " You've got this!!" Highly recommend DEL.FIT , Krista and her team. "

    Sharon Fitzsimmins

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    "DEL.FIT is an amazing place! A relaxing, non-judgmental and fun atmosphere!! Krista is the best at what she does!!! She’s a great motivator and is always positive. What more could you possibly want!"

    Julie McCreary

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