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Chiropractic Care

Dr. Kyle Uttley

Chiropractic is a natural, holistic musculoskeletal healthcare specialty that focuses
on individualized treatment for a vast range of injuries and disorders. With a focus
on the connection between the nervous and musculoskeletal body systems our
Chiropractors will formulate a thorough rehabilitation strategy to help you
overcome your specific injuries, aches and pains or dysfunctional movement
patterns. From headaches to plantar fasciitis and many things in between
Chiropractic care accompanied by a specific rehabilitation plan has been shown
to be very effective, safe and efficient.

Chiropractic Barrie

   Our Chiropractors utilize a comprehensive, evidence-informed approach to
   treatment, often combining several different therapies and diagnostic techniques
   to provide the most complete treatment plan for our clients. DEL.FIT Chiropractic
   treatment may consist of any combination of joint manipulation (Chiropractic
   adjustment) and mobilization, soft tissue therapy, dry needling, corrective
   exercise and kinesiology taping based on your unique individual needs.

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