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Athletic Therapy

Certified Athletic Therapists are trained in both a clinical aspect and a field aspect.


Certified Athletic Therapists are educated in the assessment and active rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries, this includes anything to do with muscles, bones and joints. When a client enters the clinic, the Therapist will delve into the clients’ history, in order to understand the demands they put on their body and any health concerns they may have. During the assessment, functional movements are often performed to understand where an individual’s weakness is and what may be contributing to the injury. Understanding the cause of the injury and treating the cause is what our Certified Athletic Therapist, Jessica Armstrong, prides herself on! After a thorough assessment, appropriate treatment will be given which includes, but is not limited to: massage, cryotherapy, thermotherapy, electrical modalities and most importantly EXERCISE.

It is Jessica's goal to return her clients to their usual activities, whether that is splitting wood, professional sports or recreational walking!


Certified Athletic Therapists are qualified to provide pitch-side coverage where they are well versed in dealing with everything from catastrophic injuries, such as spinal cord injuries, to minor sprains and strains. They are well educated in making the decision if an athlete is able to return to play after an injury. Athletes that are unable to return, can be seen in the clinic where treatment and exercises are provided in order to return the athlete safely to play. During this prescribed rehab program, a Certified Athletic Therapist can recognize any weaknesses in the athlete and provide exercises to help decrease the risk of further injury. Certified Athletic Therapists are trained in dealing with the recognition and management of concussions.

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