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Massage Therapy

Jenna Paxton & Michelle Burns RMT

Here at DEL.FIT we do things DIFFERENTLY.

We recognize the importance of stress management and how mental and emotion stress can manifest in the physical body. Massage is an amazing tool to benefit your overall health with a combination of deep tissue and sport style massage along with relaxation techniques.


What is Massage Therapy at DEL.FIT? 

Massage therapy is the manipulation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints. Massage therapy is a clinically-oriented healthcare option that helps alleviate the discomfort associated with everyday occupational stresses, muscular overuse and many chronic pain conditions

What can you expect from your Massage Therapy Appointment? 

At your appointment with our Massage Therapists, you can expect movement assessment and specific orthopedic testing in order to create a personalized treatment plan.  Our therapists are focused on client-centered care, which means your unique needs are important to us.  Once you and your therapist have discussed your health concerns and goals, they will leave the room to allow you to get comfortable on the treatment table.  They will knock on the door before re-entering. You will receive hands-on treatment, as well as some homecare exercises to complete.

Does Massage Therapy Hurt? 

Deep tissue massage and fascial release can be relatively painful techniques.  It is important that you and your therapist communicate to ensure that the pain is tolerable.  Massage therapy does not have to hurt to be effective.

Is Massage Therapy at DEL.FIT Relaxing? 

It can be!  Ultimately, at DEL.FIT, we are here to help you reach your health goals.  We take a holistic approach, which means looking at all aspects of your health.  This includes your mental health and reducing stress, if that is a goal for you!

Is Massage Right for You?

Most likely!  Massage is beneficial for people with chronic or acute pain, athletes, people with occupational related stress and tension, labourer's, people of all ages, sizes, genders, etc.!  Every Body is welcome!


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