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Custom Bracing

DEL.FIT offers bracing as part of our continuum of care to our clients. If you're suffering from an injury that could benefit from a little extra support, we can help! Our Certified Athletic Therapist can assess your injury and help find the perfect product for you. 

Custom Knee Bracing

Custom knee braces help provide stability for several different knee injuries including ACL, MCL, and osteoarthritis injuries. With DONJOY's 4 points-of-leverage and Fourcepoint Technology, their braces are clinically proven to reduce the risk of ACL reinjury. These braces are completely customizable with a multitude of add-ons and colour options to create your perfect brace. 

Off-The-Shelf Bracing

If a custom brace isn't right for your injury, we can work together to pick out an off-the-shelf brace that is better suited to your needs. These braces can help in a variety of areas, ranging from low back support to finger braces and everything in between.

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