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Jessica Vaisanen

BAHSc. Athletic Therapy., CAT(C), RMT

RMT & Certified Athletic Therapist

Jessica graduated from York University with a BA in Kinesiology and Health Sciences in 2011. During her time at York University, Jessica discovered the profession of Athletic Therapy and fell in love with it. In 2012, she was accepted into the Athletic Therapy program at Sheridan College, where she received high honours and was awarded a Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences Degree in Athletic Therapy. She has also completed her Registered Massage Therapist.

Jessica has been fortunate to work with a variety of clients. Her experience spans from working with 98-year-old individuals to professional and national level athletes. She has been successful in helping individuals rehabilitate their injuries and return to their activities of daily living or chosen sport. Some notable teams Jessica has worked with include Canadian National Indoor Field Hockey, Team Ontario Lacrosse, Ryerson University soccer and Halton Regional Rugby.

Over the past two years Jessica lived in the UK. She worked with a variety of amateur and professional athletes, all while taking on the challenge of running the London Marathon. She is excited to be back in Canada and joining the DEL.FIT Strength & Wellness team!

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